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About Us

Your hosts, Ken & Rosalie Middleton have been operating businesses in the hospitality industry for close to 30 years here in Hawaii.  Capt Ken has operated Tradewind Charters since he sailed into Honolulu years ago from the West Coast.  Offering visitors and local residents an opportunity to get away from the typical cattle boat scene and experience a private charter, his business has thrived over the years.


A Dream Wedding Hawaii & Tradewind Weddings have also grown over the years into a rewarding sister company providing wedding planning & coordination services to 300+ Destination Wedding Couples/year seeking a cost-saving, stress-free and very romantic alternative to the traditional wedding at home.


Hawaii Ash Scatterings offers Kamaainas and visitors with a special connection to Hawaii an opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one in a beautiful setting here in the Islands.  


Honolulu Waterfront Villa is the 2nd Vacation Rental that Ken & Rosalie have owned and operated the past ten years.   This step in providing couples, families and small groups visiting Hawaii an alternative to the impersonal hotel & dining experience in Waikiki and the beauty & tranquility of East Oahu.  2014 will be an exciting new year as we develop and build a new home on a few rural acres on the North Shore near Turtle Bay.  Stay tuned as we complete the North Shore Country Villa.  


The Middleton crew includes your hosts, plus Trevor (15) and Ashley (12) and two Cavalier Spaniels.  We all look forward to meeting you and yours and helping this vacation become the best one ever!!

















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